Zero Wind Cangrande Half Marathon 2022

The prize of the General classification are reserved for all FIDAL registered athletes

or Foreign Federations affiliated to Word Athletics.

No cash prizes (or similar cases: generic vouchers, bonuses, engagements,

reimbursement of expenses of any kind and for any reason) can be provided

for holders of "Runcard" and for EPS members admitted to participate in FIDAL events .

Prize money and any bonuses will be paid (except for anti-doping results)

by bank transfer by 14 February 2022 and subject to Law no. 342/2000.

Athletes are requested to send

- photocopy of an identity document,

- photocopy of the tax code

- photocopy of the IBAN code


for the issuance of the bank transfer, to the e-mail address info@veronamarathon.it


On the half marathon distance, the dedicated prize pool is not awarded

for men's time trials over 1h11'00 and for women over 1h23'00.

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